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McGarrity – Rhetoric

Persuasion through Argumentation

          The Rhetoric/Aristotle

Logos – argument demonstrates something


    Ø  Evidence used

    Ø  Web design:  Think progress (attempts to persuade through logical argumentation)

  Pathos – arousal of audience emotions

      e.g., people given a story in a fundraising example is being told a story about those who benefit, they were moved to give money

Ø  Save Darfur

Ø  Johnson 64 Ad – Little girl with daisy

Ethos – presentation of character of the speaker as trustworthy

  Ø  Tends to be the most compelling (using design to give asense of what is right and reasonable)  Crooks & Liars v. Huffington’s Post

More recent development in the 20th century is persuasion through identification

  Ø  Persuade by our shared values and goals (create an ‘us’ and ‘them’)

       Ø  Persuasion through ‘framing’:  what is the dominant concept you want the audience to use when thinking of your issue?  E.g., estate tax v. death tax; clear cutting v. healthy forests;  global warming v. global climate change

Narrative Framing

Agent, Act, Agency, Purpose, Scene – who, what, when, where, why and context

What is the dominant idea in a narrative – what is the key area you prioritize?

Look at headlines to compare. . . the dominant component of a story

“Everything’s an Argument”

What are the words that are going to appeal to your audience?

“Made to Stick”


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